Real Estate

"Certainly the advent of technology and electronic commerce has had an immense impact on the real estate industry." - Michael Oxley
Mike's Real Estate Videos Include
  • High quality videos
  • Multiple versions created for MLS & YouTube.
  • Original music licensed by real artists.
  • Professional voice over if requested. (Fees do apply)

Real estate can at times be a particularly complicated industry when it comes to marketing today.  A seller can build a website and try to sell on their own or get a seller broker to do a full on marketing campaign for them.  The amount of properties on Long Island and in New York are ABUNDANT.  This is why it is recommended to have a professional help you reach your goals.


Your time and your clients time is precious.  By hiring a professional to take photos and create a video you can actually save time giving tours to people who are not sure that they are interested and only give tours to the people who are.  Also by hiring a video professional you can cover more bases than normal.


When I make a video for a client I make sometimes 2-3 different videos for them to use.  The first video is for the Multiple Listing System. MLS sites have strict guidelines as to what can and cannot be in the videos so I typically do that first so the frame of the video is done.  From there I create the second video for the client and that is for them to use on their website and YouTube.  The reason for this is because YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine (Google is the first) and this will help their business get more traffic from videos.  This video has more custom graphics keeping with the company’s branding and will feature the Seller Broker’s information.  The third video I do sometimes is just an expansion of the second one; the only difference is that there is also a professional voice over created.


All in all the cost of having a video and photography professional makes it easier for you to sell more property’s per year.  I am able to do it fast and can work with most budgets and time frames.  Below are some samples of my work and if you are interested you can contact me to tell me what your goals are and I can make suggestions.