Types Of Videos To Consider When Choosing A Service Provider For Your Business

Types Of Videos To Consider When Choosing A Service Provider For Your Business

Typical thought: 

I need a video to sell this product.

I say this is typical because its easy for an Vice President, Product Manager or Business Owner to say: “This is what I want / need to sell this product.”  The truth is there are so many types of product videos that can be made to help sell your product that you should really ask the filmmaker what he/she thinks first.

These are the videos I suggest and what they consist of:

An Unboxing video

This type of video is extremely popular with people who are planning on buying a product or have already bought the product.  Just like in the name implies this is opening a products box and showing all the contents that come with a product.  You can also add this to a brief demo of the product as well.  3-8 minutes

A  Standard Product Video/Demo

Basically this video is an in depth look at what the product does.  The typical video I create have the following:

Intro,  images of the product/service, Bullet Points, Footage of the product/service working, Contact info, specifications credit scroll, and Outro.  Typical length 1 minute 45 second-3 minutes

A Product Review

I include much of the video standard product video in this but also provide what your personal thoughts are on the product.  The problem with this type of video for manufacturers and distributors though is that they never want to say anything bad about the product they are selling.  2-5 minutes

A Whiteboard Animation / Explainer Video.

Heavy on graphics and information.  Really popular with web businesses and is very effective to sell services and subscriptions.  1-3 minutes

Highlight Video:

Think of one revolutionary feature that the product you want the video about has.  This is the main point of the video and it is to highlight as a major selling point.  1-2 minutes

Video One Sheet:

A video One sheet is a creation taken from the music industry.  A one sheet in the music industry is a single sheet of paper highlighting a artist.  The sheet is then sent to record companies and this is to assist getting an artist signed.

A Video One Sheet can be the same thing for musicians but can also be used with manufacturers and distributors.  What I do manufacturer is create a video that is one minute in length and features motion graphics, photos, product highlights and a voiceover with some music. – 1 minute in length

Electronic Press Kit (EPK):

In a nutshell, an electronic press kit, also known as EPK, is all the assets that could be used to make multiple videos, this is typically used for companies who are making a big announcement and want to give the assets to news media outlets, bloggers and distributors so they could make their own videos.  What comes with an EPK can vary on the agreement with your provider.  EPK’s can include: music, audio files for voice over,  a company biography statement, reviews and interviews, motion graphics, video footage to be used in edits, photographs, pdf spec sheets, a one-sheet explaining what the product/company does.

Whats it all about?

Whats it all about?

There are other types of videos that can be made to help business development and marketing.  But this post was about the the goals of sales in mind.  The nest post will consist of the types of videos businesses can use for marketing themselves.